Strategy and targets

Digital Workforce Strategy

Digital Workforce's launched the strategic Outsmart business, which offers a holistic approach to developing and automating customers' core business processes in spring 2022.


Digital Workforce has built a set of customer business process improvement services around Outsmart, ranging from a pre-implementation study, and a detailed analysis of business and business process development opportunities to automation solution implementation, maintenance service and business improvement results validation. The solution implementation is built on a cloud-based state-of-the-art technology solution suite.


The end-to-end business process development and automation market is growing strongly and remains the fastest-growing segment of the IT industry. The market still has a lot of untapped potential. Digital Workforce's traditional RPA business is an important enabler of this, alongside other parts of the Outsmart service portfolio.


The company focuses on profitable growth, and the efficiency measures taken at the beginning of the second half of 2022 significantly improved profitability.


The company's strategic geographical key market areas are the Nordics and the US and UK markets. Healthcare is one of the key strategic priority industries.