Digital Workforce as an investment

Investing in Business Process Automation can make you part of a fast-growing industry.


Digital Workforce is operating in an attractive target market that is expected to grow rapidly

Digital Workforce's traditional market is the international RPA services market (Robotic Process Automation Services) in almost all verticals.

In addition, with its Ousmart offering the company has entered into the broader market of Business Process Automation, which is estimated to be 4-5 times the size of the pure RPA market and is projected to grow even faster.


Deep Analysis research company defines Enterprise Automation or Business Process Automation market as follows:


The enterprise automation (EA) market, defined by Deep Analysis, comprises companies that provide solutions to buyers' desire to automate information-centric business processes. Analysts and vendors alike have divided this market into multiple narrow technology silos, but buyers are less and less aware of these technical distinctions. In researching this market, they have focused on the most common technologies in use today:


BPM – business process management


RPA – robotic process automation


LCAP – low code, aka low-code application development


Rules and decision engines

As this definition of the Business Process Automation market is relatively new, limited research data is available about the market size and projected growth.


Including only the license market (in traditional RPA licenses account for ¼ of the total marke), Deep Analysis estimates the EA market (pure licenses) size at approximately 12 billion in 2023, with a forecast 5-year CAGR of approximately 14.8%.


A leading global specialist in RPA and Business Process Automation

The company's management estimates that Digital Workforce is the leading specialist in the Business Process Automation service market.



Scalable business model and a high share of recurring revenue

Service offering and business model enabling the expected rapid growth.



The Company is in a good position to further accelerate growth

In the view of the company's management, the company is in an excellent position to further accelerate growth. The company's cost structure is designed to support strong growth, which is described in more detail in "– Scalable business model and high share of recurring revenue" and after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the general market condition is expected to grow even faster.