Digital Worker


Robotic Process Automation

Our digital robots continually evolve. Today, conversational AI allows robots to conduct chat dialogues with human users in their natural language. Digital Workforce uses the most advanced AI-based NLP technology. It supports more than 20 natural languages, including all the Nordic languages: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Chatbot + RPA:

The next generation service bot

Chatbot technologies can be used in conjunction with digital workers. Our partnership with Front AI has enabled our services to expand to cover a full range of customer service automation.

Digital workers take the information collected and structured by chatbots, then initiate the business processes to deliver the services requested by users. This collaboration creates a unique, innovative and intelligent service bot. It understands and talks with users in their own natural language. After completing the user dialogue, the service bot initiates automated business processes based on the discussion.

By combining chatbot technology and RPA with a cloud delivery model, digital transformation can be executed at an unprecedented speed in a scalable and cost-effective way. No investment in additional on-premise infrastructure or adaptation to existing IT systems is required.

You can easily expand the Q&A chatbot solution to a fully functional service bot that executes customer requests directly in the appropriate IT systems (e.g. ERP, CRM). This can all be completed without integration work on existing systems. The digital worker ensures that the desired service is executed quickly, safely and flawlessly.


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