Information security policy

Digital Workforce believes information management is an essential part of good IT governance. Information security is a key component of Digital Workforce’s overall security management framework, including system level security policies and security guidance.

Information security enables us to provide the best possible ipa services on the market. Digital Workforce has defined information security policy documentation that is available to our customers upon request. Our core principles for information security management rely on ISO/IEC 27002 definitions that are adapted as necessary to the local situation for the following areas:

– risk management

– organizing information security

– asset management

– human resource security

– communications and operations management

– physical access control

– system development and maintenance

– information security incident management

– business continuity management

– compliance

– disaster recovery plan

The foundation for this policy is ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 which have been condensed to a manageable and applicable level. Our information security policy is also compliant with Finnish law.