About us

Our Values

Enabling Purposeful Work

At our core we enable purposeful work. Digital Workers are a tireless, error-free, scalable, workforce allowing people to focus on more valuable tasks - planning, leading, customer service, innovation, and much more. Time saved can be invested in more fulfilling work with more flexibility.

We think the best business results are achieved when people and Digital Workers join forces, enhancing complementary capabilities that results in increasing accuracy, timeliness and improved compliance. People are able to perform more highly valued activities and shift away from transactional tasks - which robots do best.


Our organization is people driven and operates with minimal hierarchy. Together, as a team, we have outlined our company values, which are reflected in everything we do:

  • learning-m

    A learning mindset

    Sharing knowledge, success and failures. Trying out new things with curiosity and daring to step out of the comfort zone.

  • passion-1

    Passion for customer success

    We are passionate about our customer success and making sure that the customers get real value. Understanding customer needs, measuring satisfaction and performance.

  • integrity-1

    Integrity in all relationships

    We follow through our promises and appreciate all people around us. Taking responsibility for our actions and daring to state things, disagreeing respectfully.

  • caring-1

    Caring for each other

    We are always there to care and help each other. Being interested in others performance, development and understanding their point of view.