Implementation Projects

Automation Delivery Services

Streamline business operations with Digital Workforce's Business Process Automation Implementation Service. Experience seamless integration, transparency, and unmatched efficiency throughout your automation journey.


Introducing Our Implementation Service

Designed to streamline your business processes while freeing your team to focus on core operations.

During the Implementation Phase, we establish the Outsmart Platform by incorporating all agreed-upon technologies. We ensure that the designed automation process is finalized, taking into account every detail, including the necessary data interfaces like API connections into other technologies and various data sources from your end.


Our team thoroughly tests the automation solution using sample data, making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Once perfected, we transition the automation solution to the production environment and closely monitor its performance during the Hypercare phase to ensure smooth operation.


To keep you in the loop, we arrange information-sharing meetings throughout the implementation process, ensuring transparency and collaboration at every step.

Implementation projects

Our team specializes in Business Automation implementation projects, managing the entire planning lifecycle, defining, designing, developing, and deploying. Our experts have years of experience and use proven delivery methodologies that can be customized to fit your organization's unique characteristics. We ensure seamless integration across every touchpoint and platform, whether it's web or on-prem, enterprise or customer-facing.

Project-based support

Keeping up with the ever-evolving Business Automation technologies can be challenging and time-consuming. That's why we offer project-based support that provides quick access to experts, enabling agile responses to business requests. Our support also serves as a learning platform, helping define future internal skills and competencies requirements. With our help, you can embrace the future of automation and experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

Do you recognize these issues?

  • iss001

    Missing Core Focus:

    Automation delivery is not the core capability of your business, but the potential benefits of Intelligent Automation are evident.

  • iss002

    Unpredictable Demand:

    Fluctuating demand from the business for the automation delivered?

  • iss003

    Scaling Challenges:

    Scaling delivery capability up and down is difficult through turnkey implementation projects.

  • iss02

    Tech Implementation:

    Fulfilling a business request first requires the implementation of new technologies or new combinations of the existing stack.

  • iss005

    Speed-to-Market Struggle:

    Moving to business-critical automation requires a back-belt delivery capability to hasten time to value.

We promise you:


Robust, scalable automation that delivers the value your business desires.


On-time and in-budget delivery with transparency and control over the schedule and costs.


Senior expertise in all the disciplines needed to deliver the project.