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Digital Workforce enables RPA in insurance companies to automate over 200 processes

Since our inception, Digital Workforce has focused on delivering strong results in the insurance sector - improved customer experience, shorter throughput times, significant savings, and increased competitive advantage. Currently we support the trend to provision robotics from a secure and scalable cloud service. Digital Workforce provides opportunities for outsourcing the operation and maintenance of production robots as a dedicated service provider. Our next step involves the use of robotics with AI to broaden use cases.


How IF, a leading Nordic insurance company, uses rpa and Intelligent Automation to support their business


How to build a resilient and scalable digital workforce to respond to peaks and troughs in workload in your Insurance Business

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RPA at If Insurance – People and robots working together

At If, one of the Nordics' leading insurance companies, understanding the needs of their employees and customers has been put to the center of Robotic Process Automation. Watch the company's story video and learn how RPA can help to improve both employees' work experience and customer service.

Heatmap for Insurance processes

Automation potential


Automation potential


Customer service Risk & Compliance Insurance sales service Claims handling
Green card KYC Updating an e-invoice address Using AI to recognice damages (vehicle)
Company customers yearly info Real time analytics with RPA Online insurance to the legacy system Direct claim from a partner to the insurer
Travel insurane certificate AML Changes of the insurance object Enhancing after service processes
Enhancing after sales processes LOG data for audit trail Changes in payment terms Updating bank account information
Termination of an insurance Sanction screening Enhancing after sales processes CSAS feedback loop
Classifying customer messages by utilizing AI Authority inquiries CSAS feedback loop Redirecting claim to the right handling process (AI)

Process examples


Risk and Compliance

Each task performed by a software robot can be monitored and recorded at every step, which provides an audit trail.


This can help with regulatory compliance and support further process improvement. Digital Workforce helps build faster and less expensive processes instead of using personnel on authority inquiries, audit trails and compliance.


Sales and Underwriting

The multiple tasks in sales and underwriting can benefit greatly from automation.


Automating corporate customer annual reports; updating e-invoicing contact details; transferring insurance policies purchased online automatically to a legacy system; handling insurance termination notices; producing travel insurance; medical, or other certificates; and responding to inquiries or changing premium payment schedules can all benefit from  automation.

Digital Workforce helps insurance companies to respond faster to customer needs.


Contact Center

When the volume of incoming emails and customer messaging is high, it is possible to secure a faster response time.


This can be done by classifying customer emails and online message using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques in combination with Robotic Process Automation.

These methods speed up priorisation of important and urgent inquiries for the team. Chatbots can be used to enhance customer experience, and strengthen customer relations. Digital Workforce can work with you to build customer satisfaction.


Financial Administration

Automation enables faster and more effective processes in financial administration.


From the validation of master data, the preparation and posting of recurring journal entries, through ensuring the completeness and accuracy of interface transfers between subledgers and the GL, to preparation of supporting documentation for month-end journal entries - automation enables faster and more effective processes.

Opportunities exist within reconciliation and analysis of month end accounting and reports, including Real Time Analytics and document archiving. Other options include setting up supplier data, handling refunds, indirect and direct tax automation, revaluation of assets and debts based on group accounting policy. Digital Workforce supports innovation of processes in all these areas and more.



Opening or transferring an online claims application to a legacy system is frequently a target for automation.


Automating the claims assessment process or related payments from healthcare and rehabilitation companies is also achievable. Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Image Recognition can have significant impact on claims assessment significantly increasing accuracy.

Digital Workforce targets claims handling as a core processes in building a stronger and more efficient operation through Robotic Process Automation.