Robotic Process Automation

what are

A digital worker is an automated team member trained to carry out a business process just like any employee, only faster and without mistakes. All teams will have digital workers alongside humans in the future.

Intelligent business process automation


Digital Workers help automate tasks and stages of the business process leveraging intelligent automation technologies, including Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Conversational AI Chatbots, Intelligent Document Processing, alongside other cognitive technologies.

Each digital worker can manage one or more processes or tasks. Additionally, it can be trained to prioritize selected tasks, handle exceptions, and learn by doing. Digital workers can be delivered from the cloud or on -premise location for selected technologies.

Business Process Automation or Automation Fabric is a systemic, enterprise-level approach to automation whereby Digital Workers and human-in-the-loop are fully integrated into one cohesive system. The Automation fabric enables process orchestration, automated processing of tasks, and the coordination of the work carried out by Digital Workers and humans.

Business process automation has many benefits

Automating business processes provides many benefits:

  • Faster digitalisation
  • increased productivity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Error-free delivery

At the same time automation can assist with incorporating innovation into existing processes. Unique business process demands requiring various technologies can be seamlessly managed together, delivering the most significant benefits from automation.

Digital workers are revolutionizing the workplace. The deployment of a digital workforce is fast and economical, no changes are required to existing information systems. Transformation promotes a flawless and stable work process that reduces human error.

Unlocking automation potential with different technologies

Traditionally, digital workers have been built utilizing Robotic Process Automation making them perfectly capable of managing knowledge work tasks, which are based on a pre-defined business rule. Combining that with new capabilities offered by Business Process Management, Intelligent Document Processing, Conversational AI Chatbots and other artificial intelligence technologies creates digital workers that are empowered to automate more complex tasks and are learning by doing. The results free up even more people from routine tasks and make them available for strategic, value-added work.

Our intelligent digital workers can sense and comprehend:


Unstructured data

in the form of natural text, images, videos, etc.


Tabular data

like financial statements, sensor streams, etc.

They can also converse with humans in natural languages.

We have built these capabilities by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning and by partnering with innovative companies like, SS&C Blue Prism®, Microsoft, UiPath, Robocorp, and Flowable.