Intelligent Automation Services

That grow with you!

The easiest way to design, build, run and maintain Digital Workers at scale.

Digital Workers

RPA at heart with AI in mind

Our Intelligent Digital Workers offer 24/7 transformation of your business processes. Benefit from a public cloud to help you save on infrastructure investments. The cloud scales up or down empowered by intelligent capabilities. Pay as you go! You only pay for what you use. Select from a wide range of our products and services.

Intelligent automation services that grow with you! The easiest way to design, build, run and maintain Digital Workers at scale.

Intelligent Automation Solutions


Intelligent Automation Services

We offer a full suite of services, tools, and insights to support your journey through the intelligent automation life-cycle. The easiest way to to build an industrialised automation solution - design, build, run and maintain intelligent Digital Workers at scale.

Maintain & Enhance

Run Management

Run Management maintains, monitors and ensures that all Blue Prism or UiPath automated processes are up and running.


Robot as a Service

Digital Workforce Robot as a Service, from Azure or a private cloud, is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilise Digital Workers.


ROM Acceleration

Digital Workforce ROMA is an acceleration programme that sets the ground for a successful intelligent automation solution.


Robotic Delivery

Robotic delivery provides the methodology and best practices for intelligent automation. With our certified...

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