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Premium Business Automation Services

Digital Workforce’s comprehensive suite of Business Process Automation services is designed to help businesses effectively manage their operations.


Our Unique Approach to Value Discovery

We believe in a holistic, customer-centric approach to automation. We've developed a unique Top-Down value discovery methodology focusing on core value streams and customer journeys across various organizational capabilities.


Process Redesign for Seamless Automation

We take pride in our unique approach to 'process redesign for automation'. Instead of forcing automation into existing processes, we redesign the processes around 'human control points’.


Comprehensive Automation with Outsmart

Built on our deep industry knowledge and experience, Outsmart offers an all-encompassing Business Process Automation platform and services for your automation needs.


Focused on ROI

We understand that return on investment (ROI) is critical to your business. Our automation services are strategically designed to deliver tangible ROI across various complexity levels. From simple automations that offer a payback time of 1-3 months to more complex transformations that drastically improve operational efficiency and turnaround times, we make sure your investment works for you.

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Hours back to business

Deep Industry Experience and Knowledge

With over 8 years of experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital Workforce boasts a deep understanding of automation-generated value for key verticals, such as Health & Financial Services. Our experience enables us to continually improve our automation approach, documentation templates, and best practices to provide the best possible services to our clients.


Large global customers

24/7 Guaranteed Uptime

Reliability is paramount when it comes to automation. At Digital Workforce, we draw from years of experience maintaining business-critical automations to offer a 24/7 guaranteed uptime for our implemented solutions. You can rely on us to keep your operations running smoothly, day and night.


Automated processes

Business Process Automation Solutions in different industries and functions

Digital Workforce delivers intelligent process automation solutions to a wide range of industries and functions. By identifying industry-specific pain points and needs, we can proactively offer intelligent solutions to our clients.

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