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Our Story

Digital Workers since 2015

Our story starts in 2015, when three experienced IT industry executives, Heikki, Mika and Jukka discovered a problem. An average office worker spends half of their day navigating multiple IT systems. Currently, plans for restructuring systems are often excessively expensive and time consuming. Too often, information systems prevent the effective development of business processes.

Digital Workers from the cloud

They started designing the solution. They developed an industrial Robotic Process Automation platform that could deliver scalable Digital Workers from the cloud to handle repetitive, rule-based knowledge work processes and tasks without any changes required to existing IT systems.


Over the following years our platform has evolved into an automation ecosystem, delivering intelligent Digital Workers capable of handling more and more complex and business-critical tasks 24/7.

Our founders are seasoned corporate leaders having worked in global IT companies like Fujitsu, Capgemini, Basware and IBM. All three have clear areas of expertise and they oversee different areas of Digital Workforce’s business: technology, sales, marketing, and developing international business. Together they are human-centric leaders who are capable of strategic planning to pursue growth driven by disruptive and innovative thinking.