RPA patient well being

Improving patient well-being with RPA – webinar

More than anywhere else, in healthcare, processes that work optimally are critical to results. The consequences of slow or inaccurate service can have a real effect on patients’ well-being. The rise in Intelligent technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI and cloud, offer real solutions to improve and automate routine processes among healthcare providers to free up professionals’ time for meaningful work and help ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Join us for our webinar with Microsoft on January the 10th at 9am CET to learn how connected cloud solutions and RPA are being used to improve healthcare service in Europe. In this webinar, Mathias Ekman (Microsoft) and Juha Järvi (Digital Workforce) discuss the top challenges that European healthcare providers are facing and how to apply robotics to address some of these issues. This webinar will also introduce the journey of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the largest hospital district in Finland now using Robotic Process Automation to improve patient services.

This webinar is ideal for all of those healthcare professionals interested in automating clinical, administrative and research processes with intelligent automation & cloud platform.

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  • Overview of challenges healthcare organisations face in Europe
  • How can you ingest, store, analyze, and interact with sensitive and regulated data on cloud?
  • What is RPA and what are the main benefits in healthcare?
  • Use case: The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) (Juha)
    • From a pilot to 100 automated processes in less than two years
    • Examples of automated support function and clinical processes
    • RPA technology and service model (Blue Prism, pay-per-minute delivered from Azure)


Juha Järvi, Head of Health and Social Care, Digital Workforce
Juha has gathered extensive experience from working with multiple healthcare organisations internationally. He is passionate about building and delivering working solutions that address the particular needs of his clients. In his current role, he is in charge of leading Digital Workforce’s robotics and AI-solutions in healthcare and coordinate sales both in Finland on an international (US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) level.

Mathias Ekman, Director of Industry Solutions, Healthcare Microsoft
Mathias is one of the key healthcare influencers in Sweden and Microsoft’s Director of Industry Solutions Healthcare within Western Europe. He is responsible for helping Microsoft partners reach out with their solutions outside their existing markets. Armed with extensive industry knowledge, Mathias also helps partners and customers understand what it takes to succeed in digital transformation in healthcare.

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