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Service-oriented companies benefit from intelligent automation

Companies in all sectors are adopting intelligent automation as part of their digital transformation strategy to increase compliance and improve quality while reducing costs. Service-oriented companies, in retail, finance, business consulting, and hospitality have improved customer satisfaction, compensated for labour shortages and become faster and more accurate in operations by utilising Robotic Process Automation.

Process examples

Work orders

Maintenance work orders can automated to track faulty or damaged parts to increase timeliness.


When maintenance work orders are automated to track faulty or damaged parts and crucial components within central maintenance, staff are freed from time spent on information duplication as robots handle structured spreadsheets and increase timeliness and accuracy on routine tasks.


Customer master data

Increasing the quality and speed of updating customer master data is possible without system integration projects.


A robotic workforce can create higher quality data due to quicker updating of data and a decrease in manual typing errors. Time spent on manual processing can be replaced so staff can focus on  customers.


Claims handling

Digital Workers can receive claims from customers and investigate using rule based metrics for a variety of factors.


These factors can include product batch, raw materials, location, or main components. The robot can create a report for claim processing. Automation also compares claims to analyse cyclical trends and point to potential defects.

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This case study introduces how MAIK, a service provider to Norwegian electrical power industry, welcomes digital workers from Microsoft Azure.

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