Why should you upskill in RPA right now?

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April 28th at 8 am BST (10 am EEST)

Webinar: Why should you upskill in RPA right now?
+ Free RPA training

During a time of rapid workplace transformation and uncertainty, we want to take the opportunity to help people and organisations upskill their digital capabilities. In this webinar Digital Workforce Regional Director of UK&I, James Ewing, and the Co-Founder of Edge Tech Headhunters, Harrison Goode, discuss new opportunities for professional growth and business innovation.

One of the industries boosted by the growing demand to digitise and automate processes is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA allows organisations to get started in just weeks and is built for scaling up fast for rapid ROI. It’s ideal for situations that require agile responses – relieving pressures during a crisis and improving productivity beyond it.

James and Harrison explain how the rapid adoption of automation technologies will change the way businesses function and what skills prove valuable in the near future. You will learn about bottlenecks that currently exists in the job market and professional training available to you from the safety of your home – including a free ‘Elements of RPA’ online crash course!


Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • In what ways is COVID-19 impacting the adoption of automation technologies?
  • What can automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation, do for your organisation?
  • Why are you likely to find new professional opportunities through automation technologies?
  • How can you attain these powerful skills and stay eligible for furloughed worker support?
  • How far can you advance your skills online?
  • Introduction to a free RPA training: Elements of RPA online crash course!

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Please note:
Some governments, such as the UK, are currently supporting companies affected by COVID-19 by offering a grant covering a significant part of the salary of furloughed workers. To be eligible for the grant, however, the furloughed employees cannot undertake work for, or on behalf, of the organisation. This doesn’t mean the period can’t be productive and rewarding. In fact, it provides a great opportunity to upskill in areas vital to the organisation’s long-term success. Employers: Don’t lay off people, get the grant if it applies to your situation, and support your workers in getting trained in RPA so that you can come out of the crisis stronger together!



Co-Founder, Edge Tech Headhunters

Harrison is the Co-Founder of Edge Tech Headhunters. He currently heads up the RPA and Intelligent Automation team within Edge Tech. Working with his team, Harrison helps businesses recruit and retain the very best RPA and Intelligent Automation talent globally.

Edge Tech is a leading disruptive technology headhunting business with a wealth of expertise covering emerging technologies including RPA and Intelligent Automation, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and IoT. Edge Tech has over 10 years of market experience recruiting the best contract and permanent talent within these emerging technologies across the UK, Europe, and the United States. The company works with businesses of all shapes and sizes implementing these technologies across their businesses.

Regional Director, Digital Workforce, UK & I

James heads up the sales of Digital Workforce, the world’s leading pure-play Intelligent Automation services company, in the United Kingdom. He has helped numerous organisations get started on their automation journey and maximise their business benefits.

Digital Workforce Academy has helped over 150 global organisations to level up their RPA skills through advanced online training courses. and covers the foremost RPA technologies – Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere. It is globally the only training provider offering the full spectrum of RPA courses for all main automation roles.

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