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Setting up World-class RPA maintenance

Why you need it and how to set it up

The 50 automation projects per year rate of growth requires the maintenance organisation to be scaled up from one to five full-time roles (FTEs) over the same period if it is to keep track with maintaining the RPA. The number of processes that one maintenance specialist is able to handle will be determined by a number of factors. For example, the complexity of the automation, the quality of the build, and the criticality of the process.

Maintaining the solutions in the delivery team is a valid way of handling maintenance needs – but this carries with it a significant risk. Developers effectively transform into full-time RPA maintainers as soon as they have deployed five to ten solutions in the live environment. This hinders the progress of the whole programme.

Do you want to know:

  • What does it cost to grow your RPA programme?
  • How to identify the cost of process downtime?
  • What are your options for organising RPA maintenance?

This new guide explores the topic of RPA maintenance and introduces the different RPA maintenance models to help you scale your RPA programme. You’ll also learn, what are the essential skills of an RPA maintenance specialist and what kind of infrastructure do you need to automate strategic processes?


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