Intelligent Automation Solutions in the

Public Sector

Accelerating digital transformation in the Public Sector

Transforming services to provide excellence and security with existing staff and budgets is a common challenge facing public sector organisations from municipalities to government agencies. Digital Workers are a flexible and efficient solution to the problem.


DWF has worked with the public sector supporting government agencies and large urban municipalities since 2015. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and applications related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been in high demand. Together, these two technologies support significant productivity gains.

Heatmap for Public Sector processes

Automation potential


Automation potential


Central Government
Safety & Defence Education & Culture
Health & Social Care Finance & Tax
Pension & Benefits Justice & Control
Local Government & Non-Governmental
Health & Social Care Education & Culture
Infrastructure & Environment Safety & Rescue
Growth Services Nonprofits
Value Streams
Customer Service Case, Record & Document Management Finance HR IT Sourcing Risk, Quality & Audit
Process examples
Public-Financial Management and the Audit Trail

Financial Management & Audit Trail

Invoice processing automation has been widely implemented including invoice revision and approval.


Many steps of the purchase invoice revision and approval process can be easily automated by a robot because the process has clear rules with relatively few applications used in their completion.

Public-Reconciliation and Reporting

Reconciliation and Reporting

Reconciliation processes usually have high volatility and demand more resources during peak periods.


This makes reconcilitation and reporting ideal tasks for a scalable digital workforce. Digital Workforce supports automation of general ledger reconciliation, fixed assets activation and reporting.

social-Homecare service staffing-public-Humanresources

Human Resources

Automation in HR can range from employee onboarding and imbursements to payroll processes and vacation.


Digital Workforce enables automation of HR supporting processes that often demand manual work.


Data Migrations

IT departments usually have scarce resources and a lot of manual processes involving several different legacy systems.


This creates opportunities for automation. Digital Workforce is actively working on data migrations, creating and updating access rights, receiving temporary help for integrations.


Form processing

Municipal government services use web portals and emails that residents can access to complete forms.


These channels are used to apply for services and support. Digital Workforce can assist in transforming routine service enquiries such as facility rentals for events by the public and automating applications for improved customer service.

In the spotlight
Case study

Oslo Kemnerkontor

Read the interesting case study of Oslo Kemnerkontor -Norway’s largest tax collector recruiting Digital Workers to assist in process automation.  

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