Södertälje – a Swedish municipality, and digital forerunner – turned to bots to ensure effective operations and excellent customer service during the COVID-crisis

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The Swedish municipality of Södertälje turned to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to ensure effective operations and excellent customer service during the COVID-crisis. Being forced to rapidly grow its temporary workforce in response to the crisis, Södertälje recognized a significant risk of overloading its manual processes related to managing its expansive workforce. Automating these administrative tasks enabled the municipality to focus on organizing its citizens the required services and support during the health crisis.

One critical automation that enabled Södertälje to better handle the new operational pressures replaced the manual sign-off of temporary workers’ work hours. The automation moved from idea to production in two months and has generated monthly time-savings worth 0,5 FTEs (full-time employees).

Södertälje is a public sector forerunner in digitalization and has worked closely with Digital Workforce, a leading expert in Intelligent Automation services, since 2018. Digital Workforce provides Södertälje RPA on demand through its Robot as a Service –cloud platform, RPA maintenance, and expert services. The global health crisis has further sped up the expansion of automation and digital initiatives in Södertälje’s organization and put additional pressure on public sector organizations, in general, to provide citizens with more effective digital services.

“I’m proud we have developed our RPA skills at Södertälje to the point that we can now have a proactive approach to automation. In this case, we could anticipate a problem and built a sustainable solution before ever being faced with it. In my opinion, public sector organizations should also think more about how they are viewed as employers. Having a job largely consisting of manual repetitive tasks is hardly exciting. This is one perspective to automation which implies a clear benefit to both the individual and the organization”, says Södertälje’s Digitalization Strategist, Tony Mc Carrick.

“We are honored to support Södertälje on its RPA journey and reaching its digital vision. The current challenging time has only highlighted the value of having a digital-first approach to running operations and the right skills to quickly implement new initiatives in the public sector. We expect many more organizations to follow Södertälje’s example and adopt a proactive outlook on automation”, says Ulrica Storset, Digital Workforce Sales Executive.

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