Webinar: Setting up world-class RPA Maintenance – Why you need it and how to set it up?

world class RPA maintenance

April 23rd at 10 am EEST

The real value of RPA materialises when robots are executing tasks that are closely aligned with your organisational strategy. And are, ideally, running smoothly 24/7. To make sure that your robots keep running and bring value to the business, effective maintenance needs to be put in place. Robots require maintenance for a variety of reasons: associated applications get updated, the RPA software gets new features, business processes change, and operating systems receive regular security patches and other updates. Each of these factors requires careful management.

There are different ways to set up your maintenance team, and in this webinar, we’ll discuss the various factors that should be considered when planning your RPA maintenance team. We’ll also show how our Run Management service makes sure that your automated and business-critical processes can run smoothly, 24/7, and how it helps organisations to ensure the maximized uptime of their automated processes.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Learn how to calculate process downtime
  • Why RPA development and maintenance should be separated?
  • How to set up your maintenance team?
  • Why is it so important to be organized?

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Head of Run Management

Elias has been working in the field of RPA and automation since 2015 in multiple roles and positions through all phases in the RPA lifecycle in Digital Workforce and the financial sector in Finland. With this experience, he is passionate about helping organizations to transition the RPA deliveries from a project organization to a managed operations unit to ensure a functional, well-performing and robust production portfolio of RPA automations. In his current role as Head of Run Management, he acts as the service owner of Digital Workforces global Run Management Service that delivers maintenance and RPA improvement services globally for hundreds of RPA automations.

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Setting Up World-Class RPA Maintenance

Why you need it and how to set it up