Enhancing CSRD Compliance: Navigating Sustainability Reporting Challenges through Intelligent Automation

Join us for an engaging online session that explores the transformative impact of intelligent automation on sustainability reporting. This webinar marks the second part of our enlightening series, focusing on the pivotal role of intelligent automation in navigating the complexities of sustainability reporting.

In this session, led by speakers from Digital Workforce, Kati Myllyniemi, and Stefan Meller, we delve deeper into the typical challenges organizations face with sustainability reporting. Data, often dispersed and in varied formats, becomes a monumental hurdle, necessitating extensive manual efforts to compile sustainability reports. This process is fraught with challenges in ensuring traceability and repeatability, often reliant on the expertise of a select few.

Key Highlights:

💡Unlocking the Potential of Business Automation

💡Discover how intelligent automation can transform your sustainability reporting to achieve:
• A more structured, repeatable reporting process
• Significant reductions in time and resource expenditure
• Enhanced quality of reports
• Audit readiness and advancement of ESG targets

💡Demo on Flowable, a run-through of Flowable, an intelligent automation platform that's revolutionizing how businesses approach sustainability reporting

We invite you to send in questions during the live webinar, but you may also submit questions as part of filling in your registration. We will likely only have time to address some of the first submitted audience questions but will answer the remaining questions post-live personally via email.

This webinar is essential for professionals seeking to enhance their organization's sustainability reporting and compliance with CSRD. Whether you're just starting on your sustainability journey or looking to refine existing processes, our expert insights and practical strategies will equip you with the tools needed for success.

Date: Thursday, April 4th
Time: 9:00 - 9:40 AM EET / 8:00-8:40 AM CET

Webinar Speakers:


Stefan Meller

Head of Sales Scandinavia

Stefan is a senior business digitalization expert currently leading Digital Workforce’s automation initiative within CSRD. He spearheads efforts to enable companies to seamlessly orchestrate their ESG reporting and operations. The innovative approach emphasizes an automation-first strategy, ensuring a harmonious blend of technological advancements and human expertise in driving sustainable and responsible business practices.

Kati Myllyniemi

Key Account Manager

Kati is a seasoned advisor in finance, procurement, P2P, contract, and spend management. She shares a passion for improving and automating business processes to the maximum with a practical mindset where User Experience is kept at the center.