Live Webinar: Orchestrating Patient Journeys in Primary Care


Webinar on Wednesday the 19th of July at 1 pm-1.50 pm GMT

Come and join us for an informative webinar where we will explore how automation can revolutionise primary care. Automation is a powerful tool that can take care of repetitive and error-prone tasks, giving your staff more time to focus on direct patient care. Automation also improves efficiency, streamlines the use of different tools and systems, and optimises the overall patient journey in primary care.

During our ‘Orchestrating Patient Journeys in Primary Care’ webinar, we will introduce you to a set of initial use cases that are perfect for automation and offer quick returns on investment. This model is specifically designed for primary care, ensuring the solutions presented are tailored to this field’s unique challenges and requirements.

We will showcase how automation can streamline primary care delivery and enhance patient journeys across various areas, such as patient registration, blood tests, and the management of chronic diseases. Drawing upon solutions that we have successfully implemented within the NHS at the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Integrated Care System (ICS) levels and our expertise in optimising Cancer Referral Journeys. While automation has primarily focused on acute care in the past, we recognise the immense potential for process optimisation within primary care. It requires a distinct and expert approach due to the varying volume and nature of surgeries.

In addition, we will delve into the complexities of automating primary care, emphasising the importance of stakeholder engagement, decision-making, and funding. These factors often necessitate smaller incremental changes, highlighting the significance of consensus and cooperation. We will also caution against transaction-based models that may provide quick fixes but hinder long-term value.

This webinar is ideal for individuals eager to address primary care challenges using digital solutions. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of intelligent automation or tangible examples of its implementation, this session will provide valuable insights that can be applied to optimise primary care delivery and patient journeys.


🎙️ Leon Stafford, Head of UK & Ireland, Digital Workforce
🎙️ Razvan Valcu, Clinical Pharmacist and Co-Founder, Apollo IQ
🎙️ Fredrik Kaksonen, Head of Healthcare UK & Ireland,Digital Workforce

Key Takeaways:

🎯 Understand the Context of Primary Care versus Acute Care Automation
🎯 Learn from real-life examples of how automation can solve Primary Care challenges, as experienced clinicians explain. These examples will cover QAF/Chronic Disease, Patient Digital Registration, and Blood Test Filing.
🎯 Explore a proposed business model of Founding, Contributing, and Consuming Surgeries.
🎯 Gain a broader perspective on how this approach aligns with the objectives of PCNs and ICSs/ICBs.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how automation can revolutionise Primary Care, leading to a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare system.

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