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The role of RPA in orchestrated Business Process Automation solutions

This is Part 3 of our Business Process Automation series. Missed Part 1? Read it here. Missed Part ...
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Digital Worker in a Bank

Digital worker in a bank – threat or opportunity

September 22, 2016

Uber-phenomenon is expected to hit the banks next: new players come to…

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RPA in Healthcare Industry

Decoding the potential of Robotic Process Automation in healthcare

June 8, 2016

Digital Workforce recently attended Healthcare ADP-days 2016, a convention about IT in…

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Blue Prism CTO, Dave Moss answers beginner’s questions about Robotic Process Automation

May 26, 2016

Digital Workforce joined Blue Prism Partner World event in London, May 11th 2016.…

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rpa for doctors

New research: A third of doctors use over 6 hours of their shift on knowledge work

April 25, 2016

Press release – free publishing 20.4.2016 Knowledge work with its routines grabs…

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