Introducing Digi and our new look!

Hello everyone,

My name is Digi and I’ve recently moved to Mechelininkatu 1, Helsinki. I felt like home straight away, but still some things had to change. To make the place my own I’ve done a small renovation and I’m really happy with the results – just check it out!

But what am I doing here? I’ve joined the team of Digital Workforce to give a face to the company’s silent and tireless workers. Us, robots are contracted by Digital Workforce to free up human talent from repetitive routines around the Nordics. While our human colleagues are often frustrated with entering data on different systems we like nothing better! This is why we are finding ourselves becoming valuable additions to teams across industries. I have personally worked with several clients and experienced a warm welcome every time. Obviously now I’ll be busy with a representative role, but my robot troops are working hard on this mission 24/7. Yet, they say they could do even more – that’s where the team of Digital Workforce comes in, helping my troops to find new challenges.

Want to meet me and find out more about my team of tireless workaholics? Contact Digital Workforce. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.