RPA Company Digital Workforce Raises €2 Million to Boost International Expansion

Digital Workforce, a robotic process automation (RPA) growth company, today announced the raising of €2 million worth of investment to expand international operations and accelerate growth. Participating in the funding round are a new investor Norvestia Oyj now part of the CapMan Group, and earlier seed investors Leena Niemistö and Lifeline Ventures.

Digital Workforce provides digital workers as a service, and is the only company purely specialising in RPA services in the Nordics. Digital workers automate the routine and rules-based tasks of knowledge work freeing up human resources for more productive tasks. The customers include major banking and insurance companies as well as healthcare and public organisations in Finland and Sweden.

Armed with the new capital of €2 million, Digital Workforce strengthens its market position in Sweden and will open up offices in the other Nordic countries. With the investment the company can continue to innovate and create new products within automation of knowledge work and robotics.

“We have grown rapidly with the markets and exceeded the goals set for our first year. We offer our customers the most extensive network of RPA professionals in the Nordics. Our objective is to employ over 100 top consultants by the end of this year. With the new capital we can accelerate our growth and develop new innovative and global services,” summarises Heikki Länsisyrjä, one of the founders of Digital Workforce.

“Digital Workforce has an extremely talented and productive team and a clear vision. Automation of knowledge work is a megatrend and the company develops unique solutions to address it. We look forward to supporting this growth story,” says Juha Mikkola, Senior Investment Director at Norvestia.

The investors in the round are Norvestia Oyj along with earlier seed investors Leena Niemistö and Lifeline Ventures.

Contact information
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Partner, Digital Workforce Services Ltd, mobile +358505587801,
Juha Mikkola, Senior Investment Director, Norvestia Oyj, mobile +358505900522,

Digital Workforce
Digital Workforce is the only company purely specialising in RPA services in the Nordic countries. Our digital workers automate the routines of computer based knowledge work freeing up the time of human employees for more productive and important tasks. The deployment of digital workers requires no changes to the existing information systems. Digital Workforce was founded in the summer of 2015 and it currently employs over 30 RPA specialists in Finland and Sweden.

Norvestia Oyj is a publicly listed investment company. Norvestia’s twofold investment strategy consists of market investments and growth equity. Growth Equity investments are made in Nordic unlisted companies, growth-oriented listed companies and private equity funds. The target of Norvestia’s Growth Equity investment activities is to be an active investor together with other main owners, and increase the value of the target company. Investments are long-term and no strict time limit are set for exits. In addition to Digital Workforce, Norvestia’s Growth Equity portfolio consists of Aste Helsinki, Coronaria Hoitoketju, Fluido, Idean Enterprises, Polystar Instruments and Touhula Varhaiskasvatus. In addition, the company has investments in private equity funds. Norvestia is a subsidiary in the CapMan Group since 19 December 2016.