Digital Workforce marches forward on a mission to improve healthcare processes

Digital Workforce continues to actively participate in the development of healthcare processes. The company was recently accepted on a list of suppliers of an acquisition ring led by HUS, and Ropsu, a home care software robot, took victory in an international innovation competition. Inspired by the news, we decided to share some practical examples of our completed projects.

Automation has produced exciting results in many healthcare processes and induced positive reactions across staff in all organisation we’ve worked with.

Tasks we have delivered software robots to perform in healthcare organisations include:

  • Registering examination referrals
  • Reporting laboratory results
  • Making food orders
  • Resourcing staff
  • Creating reports for management
  • Transferring data between hospital and home care systems
  • Checking invoices
  • Transferring data from an old system to a new one in a system reform
  • Processing reminders related to examination reports

Take a peek at some of our customers’ experiences with RPA in the following videos:

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