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Automation Delivery

Our innovative and robust SLA-driven as-a services: the multi-technology cloud platform, 24/7 maintenance service Run Management and Roboshore, a usage-based outsourcing model for automation, provide a fast and flexible way to reach industrialized automation.

Manage your ownership costs effectively and pay for business value, not technology.


Roboshore is the next-generation managed RPA service.

It delivers robots in action giving you rapid, low-fuss access to digital workers. Accessing these technologies as a service ensures greater agility, faster and more affordable deployment and improved time to value.

IA Cloud Platform

Digital Workforce Robot as a Service

hosted in Azure or a private cloud, is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilize Digital Workers. This industrial automation platform makes it possible for you to build and connect with different automation technologies in the same solution.

Run Management

Our Run Management Maintenance service ensures

that your automated business-critical processes can run smoothly, 24-7. Importantly, Run Management covers incidents caused externally due to system or network errors and updates. Ensure maximum uptime of Blue Prism and UiPath automated processes.

Rather than building a traditional IT environment, organizations should consider the solution from the modern, cloud-based, and multi-technology view. Among other benefits, our cloud service allows organizations to get started very quickly – typically within days.

Furthermore, as RPA programs mature and scale up and automations are utilized in business-critical processes, outsourcing maintenance is a much better option. Your virtual workforce only creates value when the robots are working as intended.