RPA CLoud - Robot
as a Service

RPA Cloud

The Digital Workforce Robot as a Service, from Azure or a private cloud, is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilize Digital Workers. This industrial automation platform allows for building and connecting with automation capabilities in the same solution.

With 24-7-365 availability, Robot as a Service is always there to serve you on an open, ready-to-run platform for you and your automation partners.



High security and availability

Robot as a Service is the first and only RPA cloud service on the market delivered by an ISO / IEC 20000-1:2018 certified organization, suitable for delivering CE-marked automation solutions. These standards are reinforced, when necessary, with customer specific national information security guidelines. 


Quick impact

Robot as a Service provides all the tools, but you pay for what you need. Payment options include pay-per-minute. Get a full picture of the costs and calculate ROI in months.


Easy implementation

You can scale from just a few robots to an unlimited amount without additional infrastructure or construction. Automated recovery mechanisms increase the uptime of the robots. No need to update automation software, the latest recommended version is always available.


Azure compatible

The Robot as a Service automation platform integrates Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Cognitive Services and advanced Azure functionalities, - Data Lake, Functions and Analytics Services.