Live Webinar: How to build a resilient and scalable digital workforce to respond to peaks and troughs in workload in your Insurance Business


Live Webinar 18th November 2021, at 10 am GMT (11:00 am CET, 12:00 am EET)

During this fast paced and Insightful webinar, we will look specifically at ways the UK insurance Industry can tackle and mitigate the immediate challenges brought on by the unwanted and costly consequences of spikes in customer contact, renewals and claims events.

Satisfied customers give you lower costs and higher growth – if you can keep them happy. Discover how to exceed customer satisfaction even during these times of unprecedented spikes in customer demand.

We’ll then open up into our predictions of what lies ahead for the UK Insurance Industry and why growth focused Insurance companies will need to do more than follow technological trends and innovation. They will need to lead them, and we’ll demonstrate a radically different approach to Intelligent Automation that will allow you to do just that.

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Bullet points of Key learning/Benefits

  • Automation Reimagined for the UK Insurance Industry. Discover how to apply Intelligent Automation as a tool for Strategic growth rather than just a tactical cost saving tool.
  • How to easily plan for and deal with the challenges of cyclical peaks in demand such as the renewals process.
  • How to quickly and easily eradicate the challenges of dealing with unpredictable surge demand caused by significant claim events.
  • How the path to digital transformation may not be as complex as you once thought. There is a way where you don’t need to transform your IT infrastructure.




Reuben has dedicated his career and professional studies to delivering value through innovation in the UK Insurance and Banking Industries. Working with large multinational companies globally, he is an advocate for leveraging disruptive technologies to challenge traditional business models. Having founded Tasika, and in the process getting exposure to the latest thinking in organizational change and product delivery methods, he specializes in transforming compliance automation through deploying rapid scaling Intelligent Automations.


Lee has over 20 years experience driving organizational transformation and developing and executing process change and digital strategy for clients in the UK Financial Services sector. He’s worked in and for clients like RSA, Lloyds General Insurance, Legal & General & AXAXL.


Hugh Pelling is an Account Director at Blue Prism. He joined in July 2019 after their acquisition of Thoughtonomy (now Blue Prism Cloud). He has broad experience within the insurance sector, having been Account Lead at NICE Systems and prior to that at Verint. During his time with Blue Prism Cloud, he lead the go-to-market strategy for UK based insurers, and worked with new insurance customers on automation solutions. Away from work, Hugh is an ex pro skier and now races Modsport cars.


Chief Advisory Officer, Digital Workforce

Craig is an experienced Digital Transformation leader who has worked within technology and has extensive RPA knowledge having worked previously for Blue Prism when they were founded 10+ years ago. He enables customer organizations to achieve the ultimate objective of maturity, in building a Digital Transformational Platform that maximizes the business benefit powered by a Digital Workforce.  Within his global remit in providing core understanding of the industry, knowledge, and experience on how other organizations around the globe have built a Digital Workforce effectively to ensure that seamless interaction between the human workforce and digital workers can co-exist. His primary goal is to ensure customers derive maximum business benefit from their Digital Workforce in as short a time frame as possible by mobilizing the services and resources required to support the removal of all potential roadblocks along the customer journey.


This webinar is organized in co-operation with Digital Workforce, Tasika and Blue Prism.

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