IA Cloud Migration

Successful transition of IA to align with your cloud strategy

IA Cloud Migration

IA Cloud Migration is a program that supports organizations to transition an existing IA portfolio to a new platform residing in the cloud. The program approaches the migration with a systematic approach: decreasing the time spent on migration, the resource requirements for execution and the platform-related costs during the transition period accrued by having two separate platforms running in parallel. 

Accelerate your cloud transition

The program takes care of migrating an existing IA portfolio to a cloud platform; testing the functionality of the solutions in the new environment and implementing necessary changes to ensure consistent functionality.


IA Cloud Migration offers a way to accelerate your organization’s cloud transition. Ensure business continuity by rapidly migrating your IA portfolio to the cloud. The program can be utilized if you are transitioning from an on-premises setup to an IA vendor’s cloud platform or to your own organization’s IA platform residing in a cloud.

Do you recognize these challenges?

Your version upgrades
are not keeping up with the latest releases by the software vendor.
Planning and implementing version upgrades
is not prioritized as the focus is mostly on operating the existing infrastructure.
Cloud service providers do not only allow you to outsource the operations of the infrastructure,
but you can also leverage the benefits of the pay-as-you-go pricing model for digital workers.
You are stuck with one technology,
but your use cases would need a multi-technology capability?
License contracts and models do not allow a genuinely scalable digital workforce,
and you need to focus on license optimization rather than fulfilling the business needs?
Many automation programs start with one technology but leveraging a multi-technology environment has clear benefits.
Yet building a secondary parallel infrastructure is not feasible.


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