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Digital Workforce Automation Programs is an result of our extreme focus on intelligent automation and innovation on how to maximize the output and minimize the time to value of your automation initiative.

From the experience of hundreds of automation programs we offer you an all-inclusive experience on taking your automation initiative to the next level. Our programs are taking the necessary activities, building them into work streams and delivering them parallel together to ensure accelerated progress on all the relevant areas.

Robotic Operating Model Acceleration (ROMA)

Working across multiple streams, this turnkey program accelerates your automation initiative on all fronts.

To reach the digital transformation targets your organization is after, it is important to build alignment to your digital strategy, develop an operating model that supports your journey at every maturity stage, discover a healthy initial opportunity pipeline, automate the first wave of processes, set up the technical infrastructure and establish effective maintenance practice. This 360-capability development is exactly what the ROMA program delivers. While our experts are at the forefront of delivering the initial value, our ambition is to train your team to take on the ownership of further iterations and tremendously increase the value of the acceleration program to your organization.

IA Cloud Migration

Our IA Cloud Migration service supports your organization in transitioning your IA operations to the cloud.

A “cloud first” strategy is increasingly becoming the modus operandi of organizations. Plus, IA vendors are delivering their products from cloud. In response to this, moving automation from an on-premises setup to cloud becomes timely in organizations utilizing IA solutions. Transitioning the current automation portfolio requires the setup of the new platform. But success also requires the effective planning of the whole automation landscape and migration plan. Does the current application ecosystem work in the cloud? Do you need to implement changes to the IA solutions because of differences in the deployed operating systems? And how does the migration effort impact the delivery of new IA solutions? The Digital Workforce IA Cloud Migration service supports you to migrate on-premises solutions to production in the cloud, testing them within the new environment and implementing any necessary changes to ensure the solutions work as they did before without the need to commit additional resources, stagnate the delivery of new solutions, or commit to multiple platforms for an excessive time.

Recognize these issues?

Building an internal capability is a top priority for long-term value in your organization

but you would like to skip over all the unnecessary mistakes and pitfalls of a “do it yourself” approach?

You have developed the initial pilots

but the work to build capability that can serve the whole organization today and tomorrow is daunting?

Your automation program is already mature

but maintaining your own infrastructure and operations capability is not a core business function you wish to sustain?