Digital Workforce Robotic Operating Model Acceleration (ROMA) is an acceleration program that lays the groundwork for a successful intelligent automation solution. It is suitable for organizations just starting their intelligent automation journey, or stuck in poor performance mode. ROMA establishes and implements the required governance models, competencies and capabilities to run industrialized intelligent automation on a day-to-day basis, in-house, with a partner, or as a hybrid solution. ROMA helps you achieve benefits that are targeted for intelligent automation

Institutionalizing Robotic Process Automation

The programme starts with gap analysis, then defines key governance elements, and support models. ROMA accelerates the speed and quality of automation implementation by launching models into practice.


The pillars of Success

ROMA covers such elements as vision, strategy, and steering but equally important is to select the right technology base and to define the needed roles and respon-sibilities to support RPA. ROMA includes seven pillars of success for value creation with intelligent automation.

Upon completion of the programme, the customer receives proven results from automation, has a robust intelligent automation platform with support and governance processes and a solid intelligent automation implementation pipeline. These elements ensure that intelligent automation creates sustainable value.