SAP Robotic Process Automation

Digital Workforce Automation Creator for SAP Applications – Reduce time spent on developing SAP automations by 50-90%!

Blog: RPA Digital Workforce Automation Creator for SAP Applications


Software robotics (RPA, Robotic Process Automation) is already commonplace in many organizations. And thanks to RPA, it has been possible to automate dozens, in some cases even hundreds, of different routine tasks and processes. Now, RPA can also be utilized in SAP environments, more effectively than ever before!

With our new tool, Digital Workforce Automation Creator for SAP Applications, you can reduce time spent doing SAP automations by 50-90%. If SAP is your core system and you currently use or plan to use Blue Prism RPA, our Automation Creator is a MUST HAVE!

Digital Workforce Automation Creator for SAP Applications enables an entirely new approach to SAP automation: our service converts macro recordings made in the SAP environment into Blue Prism processes. Instead of fully customized automation, measures already taken in the SAP environment can be utilized, making the development of the automation itself much more efficient and faster. When automations are done in an SAP-compatible way, with support for development maintenance and reuse, costs are also significantly reduced.

Digital Workforce Automation Creator for SAP Applications is delivered as part of our platform services Roboshore and Robot as a Service. With these multi-technology platform services you can buy RPA as a service paying only for what you use, not capacity, and utilize flexibly all the leading RPA technologies.

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