Digital Workforce secures over EUR 1.3 million contract for the transfer of active customer data in the Pirkanmaa Wellbeing Services County

Press Release 28.6.2024


Digital Workforce, a leading provider of RPA and process automation services, has secured a significant project to transfer active customer data from the Pirkanmaa Wellbeing Services County through Istekki and Atostek. The project involves extracting active customer data from eight different source systems and converting it into a format that can be easily transferred to the new Saga system by Mediconsult.

This project is the largest active social care customer data transfer project in Finland to date, with at least 78,000 active customers’ data being transferred. The Saga system, scheduled for launch in November 2024, will integrate the previous systems into a single entity. During the transition phase, it is crucial that all active and valid customer data is transferred to the new system in a reliable, smooth, and efficient manner.


“The customer and patient information systems and ICT infrastructure in the social and health care sector of Pirkanmaa welfare county are currently very fragmented. One of the biggest challenges in social care is the fragmentation of the system landscape and operational processes. Municipalities have been using separate solutions, so consolidating them into a single system is an important step toward more efficiency and improved functionality. Istekki is responsible for providing the social care system and application service for Pirkanmaa Wellbeing Services County. With Digital Workforce’s turnkey data transfer service, we can efficiently deliver data transfer as a single procurement and project, even though there are many different source systems,” said Anna-Kaisa Parviainen, Project Director at Istekki.


“We are currently working on a project to transfer passive customer data, which has also been launched in the Pirkanmaa wellbeing services county. This will benefit the customer as we can use the same RPA (Robotic Process Automation) environment in both projects, and they also involve many of the same source systems. The active data transfer is a resource-intensive project requiring deep expertise, specialized knowledge of a wide range of source systems, and project management skills. Together with Istekki, we can offer support to the Pirkanmaa wellbeing services county in the new Saga system implementation project smoothly and reliably,” says Juha Nieminen, Head of Sales Finland, Digital Workforce.


Digital Workforce’s automation solutions for the social and healthcare sector are designed to meet the needs of wellbeing services counties by automating the transfer of active and passive data quickly and reliably. Their data migration solution is a turnkey service independent of the source system, providing a cost-effective, error-free, and agile solution.

The active data migration contract for the Pirkanmaa wellbeing services county is valued at €1,395,000 for Digital Workforce.


For more information, please contact:

Juha Nieminen, Head of Sales Finland, Digital Workforce


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