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Intelligent Process Automation with Digital Workforce and Combined Intelligence

Digital Workforce and Combined Intelligence invite you to watch our ‘in conversation’ video series on Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). Hosted by Dr. Steve Sheppard of Combined Intelligence and Karri Lehtonen of Digital Workforce, with special guests, we will give you insight and inspiration into why you should be using IPA at scale and how you can achieve this.

Over the 7-part series, we discuss the opportunities and challenges that this presents, providing guidance on how you can maximize benefits and overcome challenges. Each conversation is no more than 15 minutes, so feel free to watch or listen to us over a coffee. Watch the whole series if you are new to IPA, or pick the most appropriate topics if you are already on your IPA journey.

The video series will cover the following topics:

You are also invited to attend our free interactive webinar on intelligent process automation to be held on the 17th of June at 13 am EET.


You can access the webinar slides here.

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Digital Workforce Combined Intelligence

Intelligent Process Automation brings together the fields of process automation (often through robotic process automation (RPA) or low/no-code approaches) and Artificial Intelligence. Allowing the creation of a digital workforce that can transform how your organization operates, how it engages with customers and the services it provides.

Combined Intelligence is a specialist consultancy focusing on helping organizations realize the full potential of intelligent technologies, from vision to realization. 


Digital Workforce is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service providers globally, both in revenue and headcount. Digital Workforce provides services across a range of industries. Today, over 200 large global customers use Digital Workforce’s services to transform their businesses with intelligent automation.