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Groundbreaking Collaboration: A Series of Dynamic Live Sessions with RPA Maestro and YouTuber Anders Jensen

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with renowned YouTuber and RPA mastermind, Anders Jensen, aimed to redefine your automation journey. This September, prepare to be enthralled by a series of three live sessions featuring in-depth insights from Anders Jensen and Digital Workforce’s automation experts – Elias Levo, Niko Lehtonen, and Karli Kalpala.

Mark your calendars for our first session on September 25th. During this dynamic live discussion, we’ll examine the issues that prevent organisations from tapping into the maximum productivity of their tools (MS Power Automate, SSC BluePrism, UiPath, and Robot Framework) and identify ways to improve results. Anders Jensen and Digital Workforce’s Elias Levo will dissect these barriers and provide tangible solutions.

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For those interested in attending all three sessions, please bookmark the following links:

25.9.2023 Elias Levo: Session link

26.9.2023 Niko Lehtonen: Session link

27.9.2023 Karli Kalpala: Session link


Detailed Session Schedule:

Session 1 – How to Maximize the Potential of Your RPA Program in 2023

Did you know that, on average, companies with an on-prem license setup and an in-house RPA team tend to underestimate their costs by 40-60%? RPA license costs are only the tip of the iceberg. 70% of an RPA program’s costs are ‘below the surface’ and can be easily missed or difficult to measure.

In this session, we’ll examine the issues that prevent organizations from tapping into the maximum productivity of their tools (MS Power Automate, SS&C Blue Prism, UiPath and Robot Framework) and identify ways to improve results.

Four typical reasons for buying more licenses than needed:

  1. Time-sensitive & business-critical processes
  2. Concurrent Runs
  3. Seasonal runs
  4. Purchase models

Join our session, “How to Maximize the Productivity of Your RPA Program,” for practical solutions that can help you overcome productivity gaps and save on hidden costs.

The session is led by Elias Levo, Head of Service Operations at Digital Workforce Services Plc | Leader, thinker and doer with a great nose for business | Builder of Operations | Business Design and Modelling Enthusiast |


Session 2 – Moving beyond RPA – Benefits of Integrating BPM to RPA

The convergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) holds tremendous operational excellence and automation potential. While RPA has proven its worth in eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, orchestrating critical customer journeys across organizational silos demands a more sophisticated capability. By seamlessly integrating BPM with mature RPA programs, organizations can achieve unprecedented transparency, visibility, control, and orchestration, revolutionizing their overall business operations.

Join this session for a live demo of Digital Workforce Outsmart PASS Platform to see how to plan and build end-to-end workflows with Flowable, connect BPM with RPA technologies like MS Power Automate, SS&C Blue Prism, UiPath and Robot Framework, and other tools like Azure Form Recognizer and APIs, and use dashboard and reporting for a real-time view of the business processes.

This session is led by Niko Lehtonen, Automation Solution Architect (BPO, AI, OCR, RPA, Low-Code, Human-in-the-Loop) Chez Digital Workforce Services Plc


Session 3 – Five Use Cases of Business Process Automation delivering over 50% improvement in KPIs Healthcare

  • A new solution to manage care paths Financial Services
  • Automating global end-to-end tax processes Manufacturing
  • Order intake automation combining Humans, BPA, RPA and AI Retail
  • Processing garment and fabric certificate documents BPO Services
  • Envisioning Touchless Payroll Process

Join this session to learn how different organizations have succeeded in gaining markedly over 50% improvements in their operational KPIs by using Business Process Automation. In this session, you’ll discover where you can apply BPA and what kind of results are possible, and what has been the role of RPA technologies like MS Power Automate, SS&C Blue Prism, UiPath and Robot Framework in these projects.

This session is led by Karli Kalpala, Head of Strategic Transformation & Financial Services Industry at Digital Workforce Services Plc


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from Anders Jensen and our Digital Workforce team.

See you at the live! 🎥

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