Digital Workforce Services was awarded a grant from Business Finland for business process automation research and development projects

Company announcement May 20, 2022

Digital Workforce Services was awarded a grant from Business Finland for research and development, which will be used to enable significant additional capabilities on the Outsmart platform to automate companies’ comprehensive business processes. Outsmart acts as a cloud platform from which customers can access services using it as-a-service whenever needed without a major initial investment. Companies can accelerate digitalization, organize processes, automate task management, and coordinate seamless collaboration between humans, digital workers and AI agents.

According to the updated vision and strategic goal in April 2022 the company will build a comprehensive business automation platform which is self-deployed. Digital Workforce Outsmart is currently in beta and its commercial launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022. Business Finland’s financing decision enables research for Outsmart’s further development into an even broader platform. The research focuses on the feasibility of various technologies, architecture and enabling touchless user journeys on the Outsmart platform.

The grant is provided as EU innovation support from the Green Transition Fund, which finances creative solutions to promote sustainable development that also have the potential to grow in international markets. Green transition is an important corporate responsibility theme, and advanced technologies and automation capabilities delivered from the Digital Workforce platform will enable companies to make a green transition. The cost estimate for the Outsmart platform project is EUR 3 million, of which Business Finland will finance a maximum of 1.37 as a grant. The project will continue until the end of the first quarter of 2023.

CEO Mika Vainio-Mattila:

“We are pleased with the positive decision we have received, which will enable us to further develop our multi-technology platform based on customer self-service. Our goal is to provide our customers with a platform where managing and deploying technologies is as easy and fast as possible. With the funding, we gain a broader understanding of the vendors of different technologies, we can develop and design architecture, and we can develop service experience and automation. Our goal is to further expand the range of technologies.

Our customers can choose the most suitable technologies for their own purposes from the platform and adopt them as a service. For example, at the hospital district referral center, referrals can be automatically sorted or anomalies retrieved from the test results for further processing. In this way, the time saved by nurses and doctors can be directed directly to patient work. There is currently no supplier on the market that can provide such comprehensive services on its own. This will give us a significant competitive advantage and the Outsmart platform will allow more efficient access to new markets, especially among medium-sized companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. We want to be a responsible company and innovate solutions that contribute to sustainable development, for example through more efficient and paperless business processes”.

The market is changing and companies are moving from simple task automation towards more comprehensive business process automation. The Outsmart platform includes significant additional capabilities, especially for automating long and complex processes. The further development of the platform will ensure Digital Workforce Service’s position as an international leader in high-quality intelligent automation and cloud services.

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