Elements of RPA

Digital Workforce launches ‘Elements of RPA’ – a free automation online crash course

Digital Workforce, the world’s leading pure-play Intelligent Automation services company, has launched a free online crash course. The ‘Elements of RPA’ course has been designed to give an overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its use cases, as well as guide people to identify valuable skills for their future.

RPA gives organisations an effective tool to automate critical business processes, ensuring business continuity and allowing humans to focus on more purposeful work. Digital Workforce has currently automated over 4,000 business processes for its clients and expects the adoption of automation technologies to increase.

Digital Workforce co-founder and CEO Heikki Länsisyrjä said: “During this time of rapid workplace transformation and uncertainty, we want to take this opportunity to help people upskill their digital capabilities. The goal of this free online training is to help individuals find new opportunities for professional growth and business innovation.”

Länsisyrjä added: “To date, our DWF RPA Academy has helped over 150 global organisations to level up their RPA skills by providing advanced training courses. In addition to launching the ‘Elements of RPA’ training course free online crash course, we have opened all our existing online training to individuals. We hope that, through these actions, we can support people with finding new ways of working at a challenging time.”

The Digital Workforce Academy covers the foremost RPA technologies – Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere – and is globally the only training provider offering the full spectrum of RPA courses for all main automation roles. The company has committed to providing an additional 50% discount for all its advanced training modules to those who complete the free crash course.


Heikki Länsisyrjä, CEO & Co-Founder, +358505587801, heikki.lansisyrja@digitalworkforce.com
Niko Lehtonen, Head of Training, +44790065840, niko.lehtonen@digitalworkforce.com


About Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce automates and maintains your business processes freeing up the time of your employees for more purposeful work. Digital Workforce is a trusted advisor and a globally leading independent provider of services in intelligent automation on an industrial scale. Today, over 150 large global customers use Digital Workforce’s services to transform their businesses with intelligent automation. Founded in 2015 Digital Workforce employs currently over 240 IA specialists in the US, the UK, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.