RPA Services Q4 2021

Digital Workforce included in Now Tech: Robotic Process Automation Services, Q4 2021 report by Independent Research Firm

Digital Workforce mentioned in Now Tech: Robotic Process Automation Services, Q4 2021. This report provides an overview of 42 RPA service providers – varying by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus – and how to select a vendor based on size and functionality.


Forrester defines RPA services as “Services that enable the robotic process automation (RPA) lifecycle, including consulting, solution architecture, governance and enablement services, bot design and development, bot management, and bots as a service, rendered either on-premises or as a service.” RPA service providers, according to the report, play an essential role in the RPA ecosystem, and can accelerate value realization, help scale digital workforce, and link automation to broader transformation goals.


Forrester segments the market into three categories based on services revenue: large vendors (more than $250 million in RPA services revenue), midsize vendors ($22 million to $250 million in revenue), and small vendors (less than $22 million in revenue).


According to Forrester, RPA services providers can be further segmented into Advisory Firms, Integrated Service Providers, RPA Boutiques and Business Process Outsourcers based on their functionality.


Digital Workforce is one of the two midsize vendors in the RPA boutiques functionality segment, while others in the RPA boutiques segment are small vendors. For RPA boutiques, the segment functionality is high in Solution design and implementation, Integrated long-term RPA support across the bot lifecycle, Release and upgrade management and Robots-as-a-service/RPA-as-a-service features.


With certified expertise Digital Workforce provides the talent, methodology and best practices for designing and implementing RPA and intelligent automation. Digital Workforce’s scalable and flexible managed services: Robot-as-a-Service multi-technology cloud platform, Run Management maintenance and Roboshore, fully outsourced RPA service, are all SLA-driven and designed to excel at release and upgrade management, among other benefits. Furthermore, our advisory services and automation programs provide solid long-term support and value realization throughout the intelligent automation lifecycle.


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