Digital Workforce announces new leadership appointment to drive growth of Nordic’s largest Robot as a Service cloud

Press release September 3, 2018

Digital Workforce, the largest robotics company in the Nordics, today announced that it appoints Tuomo Sievilä as Head of Continuous Services to lead the growth of the business unit delivering Robot-as-a-Service cloud and Run Management services.

Sievilä has served as Programme Manager at Digital Workforce since March 2017 being simultaneously responsible for the company’s consultative offering. Before joining the company Sievilä worked in Nordea as the global concept owner for Robotic Process Automation. In his new role starting on September the 1st, he will be responsible for cloud customer success and service development.

“Tuomo has played a significant role in building our business consulting practice and popular 100-Day-Ramp-up concept, and he has demonstrated excellent ability to create new and drive transformation,” said Jukka Virkkunen, one of the partners and founders of Digital Workforce.

Robot as a Service cloud was launched in 2016 and today, several hundred processes have been automated through the service. Among more than 40 cloud customers there are major banks, public organisations, large industrial and retail corporations and healthcare providers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

“It is an honour to lead our Continuous Services into the future. Majority of our customers are currently cloud customers and new clients are added weekly. The main reasons for customers to choose digital workers from cloud instead of on-premises solutions are flexibility, speed, unlimited scalability and total cost transparency. Customers can even choose to pay per minute for their digital workers”, explained Tuomo Sievilä.

“We also see a dramatic increase in demand for Run Management, where our specialists ensure maximised uptime and smooth maintenance of the robotised processes. As our robots perform more and more business-critical tasks round the clock, the importance of industrial Run Management increases. We continuously improve the service to meet the requirements of our global clients operating 24/7”, continued Sievilä.

Robot as a service is available from private and hybrid clouds offering two globally leading RPA technologies: Blue Prism and UiPath. In the future, the company plans to add a range of selected intelligent technologies based on machine learning to its cloud.

“We have invested heavily in our cloud environment and have today CE-marking and ISO 20000:1 certification. We are still the only cloud-based RPA service in the EU that can deliver CE-marked automation solutions. During last 12 months we have launched Run Management and our own IP tools, Mobile Management and Repository. Next, we will make selected intelligent technologies as easily available from our cloud as RPA is today,” said Sievilä.

About Digital Workforce
Digital Workforce is the only company specialising in Intelligent Process Automation services on an industrial scale. Our intelligent digital workers automate knowledge work processes in large organizations freeing up the time of human employees for more valuable work. The deployment of digital workers requires no changes to the existing information systems. Digital Workforce was founded in the summer of 2015 and it currently employs over 170 IPA specialists in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland. www.digitalworkforce.eu

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