Automation: An opportunity for companies to increase efficiency and employees to become invaluable

Michał Żurawski, Key Account Manager at Digital Workforce office in Łódź, talked to Sebastian Stodolak from Dziennik Gazeta Prawna during the European Financial Congress in Sopot. Read below our summary of the conversation in English or listen to the full interview (in Polish) here.


Automation: An opportunity for companies to increase efficiency and employees to become invaluable

Michał Żurawski
Key Account Manager, Digital Workforce Poland


Better efficiency for companies

Thanks to automation customers not only save money in the long-term but also free-up their employees time to more strategic, creative and valuable work. This means that along with cutting costs in areas that are not creating much value, companies can improve their competitive edge and generate new income by investing more time and capabilities to areas that serve their strategy: Savings are created at one end while the business is grown at another.

New opportunities for employees

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions do not replace people, but they facilitate and complement their work. It is rare that an individual’s job only consists of repetive tasks that are easy to automate with RPA, but rather often employees time could be used much more productively by cutting out some routines. This is the kind of help that most workers welcome with open arms.

Digital Workforce also trains its clients’ employees in process management and development. Consequently, the employees often start to earn more as they gain new skills and become more valuable in the long-run as the use of automation technologies becomes increasingly common in all organisations. For this reason, developing RPA skills is a great opportunity for employees and employers alike; while many companies have already implemented RPA, others are just becoming familiar with its capabilities and benefits – the race is on!

RPA in Poland

Considering Poland, the market is not lagging behind in making use of Robotic Process Automation but cloud solutions are not as popular as in the Nordic or Western countries. Cloud service, however, is often the most efficient and agile way to implement and run automation. In the near future, it is likely that Polish organisations also start to explore more cloud options as they provide greater flexibility in integrating different technologies in one solution.


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