UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the leading technologies in the market. The platform offers an extensible selection of  built-in,  customisable, shareable activities and works with your existing technologies without the need for any heavy integration. This is thanks to deep technology partnerships with other software applications. The platform is open to learn,  share, and collaborate, with a  400,000-user  community and has been optimised for fast development and delivering rapid ROI.

UiPath  also allows you to use out-of-the-box AI  skills, source specialised AI  skills from the ecosystem, or  integrate your own AI skills with RPA.  Use these AI skills seamlessly in  your automations with  UiPath,  drag-and-drop AI to extend the capabilities of RPA and create optimal end-to-end solutions that match your needs.

UiPath RPA in short

  • enterprise1

    RPA at enterprise scale.

  • uipath-components

    Brings together several components of process  automation, integrating cognitive tools and technologies that amplify RPA’s ability to automate work.

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    Collaborative tool. The platform is open to learn,  share, and collaborate, with a  400,000-user  community.

Our UiPath services

Digital Workforce, an official UiPath partner, employs over 50 UiPath certified consultants and developers. We are the leading Intelligent Automation service provider and use cognitive technologies to create industrial scale process automation solutions for our clients around the world. We are here to help you meet your goals no matter how far along you currently stand on your automation journey!

Robotic Process Automation

Get trained in UiPath RPA:

Digital Workforce Academy provides a variety of UiPath courses both online and offline that match the different professional requirements and expertise level of your staff. Select a course starting from scratch or gain advanced knowledge post-certification.

Connect multiple technologies on cloud and build optimal solutions for your needs:

Digital Workforce delivers UiPath RPA from the industrialized Robot as a Service ecosystem via Azure-cloud. We are the first and only dedicated Intelligent Automation service provider with an ISO / IEC 20000 certified cloud service on the market that can also deliver CE-marked automation solutions. The platform allows for building and connecting with different automation capabilities – including the market’s leading RPA technologies (UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate) – in the same solution.


Automated recovery mechanisms increase the uptime of the robots. No need to update automation software, the latest recommended version is always available. With a 24-7-365 availability, our robots are always there to serve you on an open, ready-to-run platform.

Tap into the benefits of strategic automation:

Our Run Management solution maintains, monitors and secures that all your UiPath automated processes are up and running, always as needed or 24-7. As part of maintaining the robots we also handle incidents caused externally due to system or network errors and updates. Our service guarantee allows you to focus on executing your strategy and makes it possible to apply automation safely and cost-effectively to business-critical processes. Run Management also improves the overall quality of automation, as processes must pass a validation review before moving to production.

Get started, accelerate and industrialise with minimal effort:

Implement UiPath RPA with our Roboshore turn-key solution. The service provides all the tools necessary for setting up and running your RPA successfully. Mix and match the leading RPA technologies on our multi technology platform and connect with cognitive capabilities according to your needs. We take care of the maintenance of your automated processes and ensure your processes can run smoothly 24/7.


Pay for what you use, not capacity, and keep the flexibility to scale up and down according to your needs. Payment options include pay-per-minute ensuring you reach quickly a positive ROI!

Make your costs transparent:

Evaluating the true cost of your RPA project can be challenging. On top of technology licenses, related costs include setting up the right infrastructure, hiring and training staff, and maintenance work.

Predict your total costs reliably by selecting Robot as a Service and Run Management or package the two together with Roboshore, our latest turn-key solution! Our services are available at different service levels, depending on your need for support, and by use. The total cost is always fully transparent.

Contact our sales to learn more about our pricing and learn how you can reach your business goals with RPA most effectively and how our services compare to a on-premises solution. You can also book a meeting directly into our calendar to learn more about our maintenance and platform services.