Live Webinar: A visual RPA dashboard makes RPA benefits tangible to business – Case If

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Tuesday, June 1st at 10:00-10:45 EET / 9:00-9:45 CEST

Live Webinar: A visual RPA dashboard makes RPA benefits tangible to business – Case If

Data reporting is an essential part of any RPA program. Having access to live data in a visual and easy-to-use interface helps RPA teams make informed decisions about their digital workers and optimally manage the virtual workforce. Fast access to accurate and centralized information gives the complete control to monitor the value of RPA. In a data-driven economy, 80 % of time and effort are spent collecting, preparing, and organizing data, but only 20 % on analyzing, visualizing, and making data-based decisions. Don’t invest thousands of hours in automating processes and ramping up digital workers without getting the reporting right.

Join our live webinar with Asko Mustonen from If Insurance and Erik Lien from RPA Supervisor to learn how companies use reporting and the visual dashboard to their benefit and what kind of KPIs they are monitoring. You’ll also see an RPA Supervisor demo, an optimization, and reporting tool, also inbuilt in Digital Workforce Roboshore and Robot as a Service.

The webinar host is Elias Levo, Product Manager at Digital Workforce.

Key takeaways
• Learn why reporting and measuring is essential for your RPA success
• Understand what KPIs to measure and how
• Hear how If insurance is handling reporting
• See how RPA Supervisor works and what it enables
• Learn what is possible with RPA reporting

Throughout the live webinar, we invite participants to send in questions. Send your questions during the webinar to Elias, the webinar host, via a live chat, per topic. Or ask a question in advance as part of filling the registration form. Audience questions will be answered during the live discussion.


You can also click here to download the webinar material.

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