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Webinar: Case OP Financial Group

Tuesday, December 15th at 15-15:50 EET / 13-13:50 GMT / 8-8:50 EST

Join our webinar on December 15th with Jukka Moilanen, Senior Product Owner of Robotics at OP Financial Group, to hear how OP has used RPA and other cognitive tools to produce impressive business results. Jukka will discuss the setup of OP’s extensive automation program and present a use case from OP’s award-winning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) area where RPA has been used to help grow OP’s consumer loan business. 

Throughout the live webinar, we invite participants to send in questions. Send your questions during the webinar to Jukka and the webinar host, Tarja Pitkänen, via a live chat, per topic. Or ask a question in advance as part of filling the registration form. Audience questions will be answered during the live discussion.

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Webinar outline and key takeaways

PART 1. Setting up and managing automation at OP

  • How OP began its automation journey?
  • What is OP’s management model for intelligent automation?
  • What are OP’s main objectives for process automation?
  • Answering audience Questions

PART 2. Selecting tools and services that fit business objectives

  • What are the different process automation tools used at OP?
  • What have been the learnings from using different tools?
  • Answering audience Questions

PART 3. Use Case – Intelligent Automation in the Consumer Loans business area

  • How Intelligent Automation has benefited the business growth for the consumer loan business?
  • Answering audience Questions




Senior Product Owner of Robotics, OP Financial Group

Jukka is the Senior Product Owner of Robotics at OP Financial Group. In addition to managing OP’s award-winning Robotic Process Automation area, Jukka is responsible for facilitating OP’s Automation Toolkit and Automation Strategy, as well as implementing new technologies for innovative process development.

Head of Banking and Insurance, Digital Workforce

Tarja is heading the Banking and Insurance sector at Digital Workforce. Tarja has 30 years of senior-level experience in financial services.

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