Digital Workforce Services Plc Releases Sustainability Report 2023

Press Release 24 May, 2024

Digital Workforce Services Plc, a leading provider of business process automation services, announces the release of its first Sustainability Report. This milestone underscores the company’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and sustainable development.


Embarking on the Sustainability Journey

In this Sustainability Report, we detail Digital Workforce’s sustainability performance in 2023. As our first report, it aims to summarize the key sustainability themes and impacts of our business, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Going forward, our goal is to work with our people to advance our sustainability initiatives in purposeful steps, reporting on our progress annually.


Meaningful Automation at the Core

At Digital Workforce, we want to profile ourselves strongly as a creator of meaningful automation. Our mission is to automate knowledge work processes, freeing up people’s time for more valuable work. This is particularly evident in the healthcare sector, where our solutions enable our customers to free up the time of healthcare professionals to focus on patient care, thereby improving the quality of care and the lives of patients.


Sustainability Program Themes

Our sustainability program is centered around several key themes:


Social Responsibility: We are committed to creating a thriving and skilled workforce, actively listening to our employees, and ensuring their well-being. We offer our employees flexible working hours, an opportunity to work remotely, well-being support, and continuous and equal career development opportunities.

Good Governance: We adhere to stringent corporate governance practices. Our governance framework ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct across all levels of our organization. Information security and data protection are important to us, and as a testament to this, we have achieved the prestigious ISO 27001 certification.

Environmental Responsibility: We focus on reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing energy efficiency, and promoting a circular economy through practices like extending the life of our equipment, improving recycling efforts, and leveraging cloud services to deliver our Outsmart services, thereby reducing the environmental impact of local servers.


“Our first Sustainability Report marks a significant milestone for Digital Workforce as we further integrate sustainability into our business strategy and operations. Our commitment to meaningful automation not only drives business success but also positively impacts the communities we serve, especially in the healthcare sector. At the heart of our sustainability efforts is a thriving and skilled workforce. We strive to create an environment where every employee can develop, grow, and embrace continuous learning. By actively listening to our people and adapting our practices based on their feedback, we ensure that everyone’s individuality is valued and respected. This report is a testament to our dedication to building a sustainable future”, said Jussi Vasama, CEO of Digital Workforce.


Read the Sustainability Report 2023 here

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