Webinar: Digital Transformation in Healthcare – Augmenting your Current Workforce with the Digital Worker

digital transformation in healthcare

18.3.2021 at 8 am PDT /  11 am EDT / 4 pm CET


During this webinar, we will address the ways innovative health systems and hospitals have streamlined their way of working by augmenting their existing human workforce with digital workers – OFTEN WITH REMARKABLE RESULTS.

We will take a look at where the health industry is going and the factors that are impacting the health sector globally and locally. Evident cost pressure, a shortage of trained professionals, and expanding patient expectations are reshaping the future of healthcare.  New technology and science are the enablers in the new care delivery models.

Join our webinar with Coley Vahey, Country Manager US & Canada at Digital Workforce, and Juha Järvi, Head of Health and Social Care at Digital Workforce, on March 18th at 8 am PDT to learn the possibilities of building your digital workforce by applying intelligent automation in both clinical and administrative processes.




You’ll learn:
• How COVID has accelerated the need for automation
• Automation frees up clinicians to do more patient-facing work
• Digital Workers will need to augment reductions in resources
• DWF clients are showcasing significant value being delivered through automation
• Automation not only helps with support functions but also core clinical, patient access, and back end revenue-cycle processes


Watch the recording here



Coley Vahey
VP Sales USA
Coley Vahey has been selling enterprise software for the past 20+ years, focusing specifically on RPA for the past 8+ years. Coley brings a wealth of industry, technology, and global experience.


Juha Järvi
Head of Health and Social Care
Seven years of Epic implementation experience from leading global health systems in the US, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Finland.  Comprehensive management consulting and health strategy background working closely with health providers, payers, and regulators in the Middle East.

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