AMA Webinar: Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop

power automate and power automate desktop

AMA Webinar: Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop

Do you want to get started with Microsoft Power Automate but feel unsure how to make the most out of it? Would you like to know more about the technical features of Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop or learn how they fit within the broader Intelligent Automation landscape?

In our recent Ask Me Anything- session, we discussed Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop. During the live webinar, our leading expert in Power Automate and a senior specialist in Intelligent Automation training answered all your questions around the technologies, and their strengths and limitations.

This virtual session was a unique chance to ask questions and advice from advanced Power Automate professionals that also have experience working with multiple other automation technologies – selecting and combining technologies to achieve optimal business results.

The live webinar was held on November 25th, at 17:30EEST/16:30CEST
Watch the recording here!


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AMA sessions are not typical webinars – We don’t present but per se, but simply answer your questions.

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In this session, we answer your questions related to topics such as:

  • Technical features of Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop
  • Strengths and limitations of Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop
  • Typical use cases: Where to get started with Power Automate?
  • Combining Power Automate with other RPA technologies
  • Organizational requirements posed by no-code RPA


Experts in this session:

Adrian Ptaszynski-Olszewski
System Manager, Power Automate Expert Advisor

In his current role, Adrian manages Power BI Dashboards and SQL Database for Blue Prism and UI Path. Due to his advanced knowledge in Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop, the other half of his work consists of training clients and other Digital Workforce employees and managing projects that utilize the technology. Adrian is passionate about the possibilities of the tool and enjoys sharing his knowledge and promoting Power Automate to internal and external customers.

Niko Lehtonen
Product Manager

Niko is among Nordics’ most senior experts in business process automation, having worked in the field since 2015. He has focused solely on solving customer challenges utilizing and combining various Intelligent Automation technologies through the years. Niko is skilled in developing automations with nine Robotic Process Automation technologies and various other cognitive solutions. In his current role, Niko heads Digital Workfoce’s activities and projects related to Intelligent Document Processing.



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