AMA Webinar: Customer Service Automation

Customer Service Automation

AMA Webinar: Ask Me Anything about Customer Service Automation

Live Webinar 27th of January 2022, at 10 am EET

Do you want to get started or look for ways to increase the degree of automation in your Customer Service? Would you like to know more about the technologies that can improve your Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency?

In our next Ask Me Anything- session, we discuss Customer Service Automation. During the live webinar, Matti Toivonen, CXO of Front AI answers all your questions around Customer Service Automation, Chatbots, and Conversational AI. The virtual session is a unique chance to ask questions and free advice from a world-leading expert in these areas!

Watch recording here!

How does it work?

AMA sessions are not typical webinars – We don’t present but per se, but simply answer your questions.

  1. Sign up for our AMA events and fill in your questions in the registration form.
  2. Receive a link to the live event.

In this session, we answer your questions related to topics such as:

  • Typical use cases for automation in Customer Service
  • Best practices for Customer Service Automation
  • Implementing customer-facing automation technologies – requirements and expectations
  • What is conversational AI and how does it compare to traditional chatbots?
  • Differences between tools and technologies – our recommendations


Experts in this session:

Matti ToivonenCXO and Co-Founder, Front AI

Matti Toivonen is the CXO and co-Founder of Front AI – Nordis’ leading service automation company delivering next-generation AI-based service bots and a close partner to Digital Workforce.

Matti believes in customer experience as the most critical strategic competitive edge for business and that the people in customer interactions are the essential asset in this scenario. His passion and expertise lie in improving customer experience through data analysis, technology, and digital transformation.



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