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A growing number of municipalities signs up with Digital Workforce in Norway

Digital Workforce has won several public tender competitions in Norway, including Asker and Lillestrøm municipalities and IKT Agder.

Due to the continually growing responsibilities, many municipalities are finding their resources to be limited in order to serve their citizens by the required standards. With upcoming municipality reforms, small administrations suddenly need to provide more services than before, meaning that more work has to be done with fewer people. In order to succeed in these changes, digitalization is crucial for many organizations. With the help of Robotic Process Automation, many of the manual, time-consuming, and routine tasks can be forwarded to digital workers, which enables employees to use their time doing more meaningful and value-adding tasks. 

Digital Workforce has been providing Intelligent Automation and RPA services for multiple public sector organizations in Norway, including Oslo Kemnerkontor and Tromsø municipality. Now we are pleased to enter into cooperation with Asker and Lillestrøm municipalities, as well as IKT Agder. 

Using RPA to serve citizens and employees better

Following its merger with two other municipalities on the 1st of January 2020, Asker has become the sixth-largest municipality in Norway. 

Digital Workforce will provide Asker municipality a software robot and service package that include robotic process automation as well as training, support, maintenance, and expert services. The first part of the project started in November 2019 with a focus on data migration. With the help of RPA, Asker municipality will migrate a set of data from all the former municipalities to another system in the new municipality. The utilization of RPA will help the municipality to gain several advantages, as employees will save valuable time during a hectic transformation period, the data transfer is standardized, and the data will not lose quality in the transfer. 

After the merger is completed in 2020, the new Asker municipality will begin to explore different possibilities the latest technologies enable, and with the help of Digital Workforce, build their own Center of Excellence (CoE). In the course of this project, the municipality hopes to implement automations that will help them to serve citizens better and free up valuable time for their employees for more crucial tasks.

Lillestrøm municipality and IKT Agder implementing RPA in their everyday work

Following another merger between three municipalities on the 1st of January 2020, Skedsmo municipality has changed to Lillestrøm municipality, and it has become one of the biggest municipalities in Norway. Lillestrøm municipality has chosen Digital Workforce as their RPA partner and with the help of automating specific work processes, Lillestrøm aims to establish better services and utilize its resources more efficiently. The RPA services are offered through Digital Workforce’s Robot as a Service (RaaS) cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.

As a third new partnership, Digital Workforce offers IKT Agder a software robot (digital worker) and service package that include both the RPA process automation as well as training, support, maintenance, and expert services. IKT Agder is responsible for providing ICT services to different municipalities, and RPA will be an essential tool for them in streamlining existing processes and increasing the degree of automation of work processes.

For all new municipalities, Digital Workforce will be assisting the customers to become self-sufficient and able to operate an RPA environment.

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