The Finnish Defence Forces RPA project

The Finnish Defence Forces signs a RPA service agreement with Digital Workforce valued at 1,2M euros

The Finnish Defence Forces has signed a service agreement with Digital Workforce. The agreement covers the development and maintenance of RPA solutions, expert training into Blue Prism software robotics, and the delivery of further Blue Prism technology licenses. The estimated value of the acquisition is 1,2M euros over the contract period which is a maximum of four years long.

The Finnish Defence Forces continually works toward automating service production processes and operations, where a significant number of tasks involve manual and repetitive work performed on IT systems. In these tasks, Robotic Process Automation can greatly enhance performance and free up resources to more valuable work.

The digitalization of the Defence Forces emphasizes ensuring the security and operational reliability of solutions under all circumstances. Digital Workforce has been selected as the Defence Forces’ dedicated service provider based on its solution’s security and reliability, and the company’s expertise in RPA development and maintenance.

Digital Workforce will closely work with the client organization’s experts to deliver the service and develop automation solutions.

The Finnish Defence Forces RPA project’s intended benefits:

  • Lighten workload and balance seasonal workloads
  • Increase the quality of work by reducing the number of mechanical steps
  • Enable the introduction of new services and improve the service quality of those already in production
  • Increase job satisfaction


Additional information:

Timo Maisila, Head of Sales Public
+358 407760968


Digital Workforce is a leading service provider specializing in Intelligent Automation (IA) services on an industrial scale. In addition to the Finnish Defense Force, Digital Workforce provides software robots, for example, to the Finnish Tax Administration, HUS, and VTT.

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