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Digital Workforce launches a pioneering RPA training program

Digital Workforce, the only company purely specialising in Robotic Process Automation services in the Nordic countries, launches a pioneering rpa training program that enables companies to educate their personnel to become RPA experts.

Digital Workforce is globally the first and only company to offer flexible online training in the use of RPA technology. Robotic process automation enables companies to automate routine processes, allowing a more productive use of human resources. The new Digital Workforce Academy provides companies with an accessible solution to quickly develop internal capabilities to leverage software robotics and offers support in setting up a robotic centre of excellence.

Easy access to quality training

The Academy launched by Digital Workforce currently offers online courses in English, adding other languages in the near future. Along with online courses, DWF Academy also offers training in a classroom setting and the option to take part in the accreditation exam by Blue Prism, the world’s leading RPA software company, to participants who have completed the required courses.

The courses are designed in cooperation with pedagogical professionals to meet the requirements of professionals working in various key roles. Participation in the courses of Digital Workforce Academy does not require any prior experience in robotic process automation and the online courses can be completed very flexibly.

Unique solution to address a growing need

Digital Workforce Academy has its roots in the growing need of organisations to create internal RPA proficiency to support the implementation and upscaling of the technology. The Finland-based company makes the high in-demand know-how flexibly accessible for the first time with its unique online solution.

”The use of software robotics is expected to increase by hundreds of per cent in the next few years. Organisations need to develop new skills to successfully deploy the technology and achieve long-term strategic benefits. This is exactly what our Academy courses are for”, says Mika Vainio-Mattila, Digital Workforce co-founder.

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