Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution archives social care customer records in North Savo, Finland

Press release 10 August, 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution archives social care customer records in North Savo, Finland

Digital Workforce will provide the North Savo welfare region with a significant migration solution to transfer and archive old customer data from the North Savo social care system to Kela’s (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) centralized Kanta social care service and archive administrative data in North Savo’s archive. The solution uses the Robocorp platform based on the open-source Robot Framework and Atostek’s ERA service. The data to be archived in passive databases has been accumulated over more than twenty years in several different systems.

Istekki Oy acts as a service integrator in the project. “We wanted a reliable solution for migrating customer data that is cost-effective overall. We get the systems aligned and the data securely archived, and our Pro Consona admin users do the configuration work on the documents to be archived. The patient data is archived in the repository, and the administrative data is archived in the Istekki archive.” says Eino Järvinen, Project Manager at Istekki Oy.

“Intelligent automation offers many opportunities in the IT field of the health and social care reform*. A single welfare region has hundreds of IT systems, and university hospital areas have even more than a thousand. At worst, the time spent on transferring data takes time away from customer and care work. It doesn’t make sense, and organizations can’t afford it. Long-term work is underway to modernize information systems, but implementation on the required scale will not occur until the future. RPA is an excellent transitional solution that can be set up quickly. Our ready-made solution, including Robocorp and Atostek software, connects disparate information systems to share information quickly, smartly, and cost-effectively, whether in a few months or a longer-term project,” says Juha Järvi, Head of Global Healthcare, Digital Workforce.

RPA is commonplace in Finland’s largest healthcare organizations. Helsinki University Hospital HUS, for example, aims to use RPA to free up 600,000 hours of paperwork for patient care in three years.

*Health and Social Services reform is one of Finland’s most significant administrative reforms. From the beginning of 2023, responsibility for organizing social welfare, healthcare, and rescue services was transferred from more than 300 municipalities and joint municipal authorities to 21 welfare regions. An exception is the City of Helsinki, which retains responsibility for organizing social welfare, healthcare, and rescue services. In addition, the HUS Group is also responsible for organizing specialized healthcare in its region.

Public services provided by the welfare region include primary healthcare, specialized healthcare, social care, dental care, mental health and substance abuse services, disability services, and housing services for the elderly.

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