Robot as a Service now available from Microsoft Azure cloud in Norway

Microsoft recently launched its Azure Cloud platform from the new cloud data centre in Norway, marking a significant milestone as the first global cloud provider to deliver enterprise-grade services in Norway. This new region demonstrates Microsoft’s ongoing investment to enable digital transformation and advance intelligent cloud and intelligent edge computing technologies across both the private and government sectors.

Digital Workforce provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services to private and government organisations, now delivered from the Norwegian Azure cloud region. Digital Workforce’s Robot as a Service is the only RPA cloud service on Microsoft Azure that conforms ISO/IEC 20000-1 quality standards. This certification ensures a secure and best practice delivery of design, development, testing and production deployment of RPA both from a technical and operational standpoint.

Robot as a Service provides many benefits: fast implementation, scalability (both up and down according to customer demand) and smooth operations with the latest RPA software versions always available. Various consumption options are available, including pay-per-minute, another first in the market. This supports Microsoft’s ambition of being able to migrate complex on-premise operations to the cloud as easily as possible.

Robot as a Service is suitable also for organisations with even the highest levels of data security and protection requirements. No data is moved or copied to the cloud to develop or run an RPA automated process and customer data remains on core systems. Our approach means Digital Workforce’s RPA in the cloud is delivered in accordance with Norwegian data handling regulations (GDPR).

The RPA cloud service is the fastest and most flexible way for organisations to automate their most critical and mundane knowledge work processes to become more productive and robust in their operations,  whilst also improving quality. Enterprise-level RPA solutions will provide a new competitive edge for commercial businesses and better citizen engagement for government organizations. RPA frees up the time of employees from executing repetitive and tedious work tasks to more value-added and purposeful work. In the long term, this will help attract and retain talent in your workplace and make it an attractive place for new employees to choose in a competitive candidate market.

Digital Workforce takes responsibility for a smooth operation of RPA through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based commercial agreement, that we call Run Management.  This gives clients peace of mind that for even the most critical automations, the support is aligned to your business goals and supported on a 24/7 basis globally.

Digital Workforce’s Robot as a Service delivered from Microsoft Azure combines advanced technologies to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.